Introduction: Secondary prophylaxis in adults with severe haemophilia will not resolve the established arthropathy but may reduce the number of joint bleeds. Extend ed half-life products permit less frequent infusions.
Aim: In this prospective study, we evaluated the efficacy of prophylaxis with recombinant FVIII Fc fusion
protein (rFVIIIFc) in a group of young adult patients.
Methods: Patients older than 18 years old from a single center were treated with rFVIIIFc 20-40 IU kg-1 twice a week, during a period of 6 months. We analyzed the annualized bleeding rate and compared it with the pre-prophylaxis period (on demand treatment).
Results: 24 patients received a mean dose of rFVIIIFc 32.1 kg-1 twice a week. There were 58 minor bleedings,
all treated with 1-2 daily dose of rFVIIIFc. The mean annualized bleeding rate was 15.3 in the pre-prophylaxis period vs. 2.4 during prophylaxis. No inhibitors were detected.
Conclusion: rFVIIIFc was well-tolerated in young adult patients with severe hemophilia A, and resulted in low bleeding rate when dosed 2 times per week as a secondary prophylactic treatment.